A visit to The Keeper's House is rejuvenating and relaxing. It's getting away and reconnecting. It's a step back in time at this historic home off the coast of Maine.

Guests also enjoy a number of amenities that are hard to find at more traditional vacation rentals. You won't find cell service, internet access, or televisions. Air conditioning is an open window, the fitness center is a nearby trail.

Families enjoy less screen time and more face time. The kids won't miss manicured parks and massive playgrounds when they can run through our lawns, build fairy houses in the woods, or help our chef pick herbs in the garden.

Use the binoculars for birdwatching. Borrow a bicycle to explore the island.

Our 15' traditionally-crafted wooden Whitehall Rowboat is available for rowing on calm days.

At night enjoy stargazing and visiting with fellow guests. Or, enjoy a book by the fire on a chilly evening.

As a property perched on the edge of a rocky island, we take great care to be responsible and sustainable hosts. We are off-the-grid and powered by state-of-the-art photovoltaics and a 30-kw generator for supplemental power. Freshwater is made through our reverse osmosis system that pulls an unlimited supply from the sea. Our wastewater is treated through a network of peat bogs and flower beds in our garden.

Looking for more to explore?  Visit our Island Activities page.

Visiting takes effort and we want to make sure all guests enjoy their stay.  We're happy to answer any questions you have before you arrive. Just let us know.

What to Pack

Be aware that you will be carrying your luggage on steps or uneven surfaces.

Bring your own food and beverage for self-catering in our well-outfitted kitchen.

Weather in Maine can change in an instant, and on an island - even faster.  Bring layers to enjoy the changes of the day.  A foggy morning can warm up to a balmy afternoon. Evenings can be cool, after all, we are perched on the edge of the sea. A light rain layer can protect you from wind and moisture. Sturdy and comfortable shoes are encouraged when heading out to explore.

The Island Store is open for a few hours each week and offers a nice selection of goods for some forgotten items.  The Post Office is also open on occasion.  Surprise friends with a card postmarked from one of the smallest post offices in the United States.

Staying at The Keeper's House is a casual affair.