Island Activities

Isle au Haut is a very quiet, secluded island. While staying here you are welcome to bike or hike through Acadia National Park, investigate our rugged shoreline, watch local lobstermen haul their pots, revel in the pleasure of seeing porpoises and seals, watch occasional windjammers and sailing ships, and enjoy some the most beautiful sunsets and sunrises you will ever experience.  For more photos of Acadia National Park, as well as our wild, wind-swept coastline, visit our Photo Gallery

Available to our Guests:

  • Bicycles
  • 15' traditionally-crafted wooden Whitehall Rowboat for rowing on calm days

Exploring the Island

Acadia National Park
The park borders the Inn and includes 17 miles of limited-access wilderness shore and mountain trials. No cars and no crowds.
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The Mail Boat
Isle au Haut Boat Services (also known as "The Mail Boat") operates year-round passenger, mail and freight service between Stonington and Isle au Haut, and seasonal service to the Duck Harbor Landing of Acadia National Park.
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Town of Isle au Haut 
A year-round working lobster fishing hamlet. Operating it's one-room school house and general store. The Town Hall / Library is the home of the Bernadine's Annual Talent Show.
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Isle au Haut Business Directory
A small and wonderful selection of local businesses.
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ICDC: Isle au Haut Community Development Corporation
ICDC is a 501-c-3 non-profit organization dedicated to building and maintaining a robust year-round population on the island: it currently focuses on providing affordable rental housing and microloan opportunities.
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MITA: Maine Islands Trail Association
Isle au Haut is part of an island trail system frequented by many kayakers who practice low impact camping on many islands in their system.
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Long Pond
Surrounded by thick forests, lies a mile-long pure pond. Perfect for swimming.